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I had high expectations for this converter but it was awful, not only filled with ads but it created some sort of ‘bugs’ in the video that made them a bit shaky/sketchy weird with an odd noise. Terrible.

Good but...

Works perfectly out of the box, but… Why sending converted files to iTunes ??? This is quite annoying when you convert a lot of videos… plz put an option to disable that!!


This is a great little app,easy to use and does what is says on the tin! Love it!

So good to have this NOW !!!!

Yes, I can now see all that i want in iPhone or iPad !!

Good application

It’s a good application, I love it but I am just a bit disappointed…It can be very slow !!

It used to be good!

Why do you ruin a good app with an update? To profit on the PRO version. I’d buy it, but a company that does this, is not worthy of my $$.


I used to convert .mkv to iPad format and worked perfectly !


I used to convert my videos to windows format… :) I want to convert to mp4 is it possible? But it is good because .wmv works on windows platform.

Does not work !

So i was searching for a programm to convert .mkv files, unfortunately this programm does nothing. When trying to convert it instantly gives a conversion error!!! ==> does not work as advertised

slowest converter

The first sentence in the description is not correct. This it is SLOWEST converter.

Nearly no feature missing for me

Dear Mac Users I can recommend the SmartConverter. It does the required to manage video formats for various devices in a house hold. The user interface is simple and easy to use. Id appreciate a batch mode to conver entire seasons overngiht for instance as additional feature. Lazy User




tut das was es soll

User-friendly interface, fast

Smart Converter (freeware version) is intuitive, requires minimum input from the user and does the job fast!

Only a front for additional purchase

Already payed for this very meticulous one-file-per-process app only includes further loathsome purchase „invitations“ towards the next version with EVERY conversion. The list goes on… Trying to be a little too smart for its own good. Tust me, get something else, convert more, be annoyed far less.

hasse toll gemacht

funktioniert prima bin echt froh wie Frodo

Quick and easy to use

I love the fact that I just need to drop the files to convert into the window and the software proceedes on its own: very easy. I must say that I only used it for converting from YouTube videos to MP3 music files.

Best Converter Program found

Smart Converter beat four different converter programs by a landslide.

Free/ Done/ Fast

love it !

Just what I was looking for

I tried a couple of other apps first, that were more complicated (not what I needed) and were super slow. This one is easy to use, works well every time and is super fast!

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